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Three New Document Added to GlobalTrust Information Security Library

GlobalTrust, being on of the leading developers of information security management tools and methods, continues to use its best efforts to provide its customers with the most complete set of documents for establishment of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Information Risk Management System (IRMS).

Three new documents were added into the Set of GlobalTrust Standard Documents on Information Security, which remains one of the most popular products:

  • GTS 1061 Informational assets inventory policy and the register of informational assets
  • GTS 1062 Physical security policy for the premises and the equipment
  • GTS 1063 ISMS management review policy

All documents were developed in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 270001/ISO 27002 and allow to cover important areas of information security management for the organizations which implement ISMS and/or prepare for certification.

GlobalTrust provides all purchasers of document templates with technical support and consultations on their introduction and finalization and with the possibility to return the documents which do not meet their intended purpose or do not correspond with the current situation.

Publication of several more documents is planned for the nearest future, including Regulation on information security service of the organization and Policy of security incidents management, and the third version of the popular Set of documents for information risk management.